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Entry Level Project Guarantor/Coordinator $58k- $64K 

Project Guarantor/Coordinator NO INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE is necessary for this position. You will be working directly with an Architect/Developer, but you must be energy and environmentally conscious.

SustainArch Development is an innovative Minority owned START-UP Company Involved in Architecture, Construction and Syndication. All of our projects are environmentally conscious and designed with sustainability in mind. Lowering the carbon footprint and providing a solution to lessen environmental impact is our main goal. All of our projects will strive for LEED certification. Our bread and butter projects include the development of Green Prefabricated & Modular designs. This includes eShipping Container Homes & Tiny Homes.

Do you want to be a pioneer and be part of something creative, sustainable and environmentally friendly in terms of Architecture and Real Estate development ? Contribute to the solution of making homes more affordable. Take video and monitor the progress of projects. Genuinely help homeowners and buyers and make a great salary while doing this. We are looking for someone who can do this and also assist this startup in applying for FUNDING. You must have Excellent credit. Combining of our credit will ensure rapid funding and the successful growth of our company. You will help the start-up (not by yourself) apply for not personal, but Business Lines Of Credit and funding. This will not affect your personal credit. You are guaranteed your salary once we secure funding. This is not a commission job.

Your main job after this is to record video and document the progress of our development projects. We will give you all of the instructions of what needs to take place. You must be a quick learner and also be willing to explore and learn things on your own that you could share .

Our company is ambitious. We realize the importance of housing here in California and have decided not to wait around to see how big the population grows. There will always be a need for housing here in California. The market is wide open to receive it. Working together we will build an awesome company. We will be expanding rapidly, using technology, Green innovation and staying true to being mindful of our environmental impact. We are creating a close-knit team culture and are very serious about success. All work and no play is NOT our motto. Creating a life balance is the genesis of success.

We are in our first year, and look forward to experiencing tremendous growth. Our core values focus on Honesty, Integrity and Quality.

Associate degree required; B.A. or B.S. preferred
Proficient computer skills, including Microsoft Office Suite
Prior experience handling office responsibilities, experience in customer service, or related field
Basic knowledge of accounting
Excellent written and verbal communication skills; proficient in English-language business writing
Highly organized multi-tasker who works well unsupervised at home and in our satellite environment.

Other Qualifications:
1. Communication Skills
2. Honesty
3. Technical Competency
4. Work Ethic
5. Flexibility
6. Determination and Persistence
7. Good Background Check 
8. Excellent Credit ( 720 or higher Fico Score)
8. Willingness to Combine Credit with Company to help secure funding
9. Ability to Work in Harmony with Co-Workers
10. Eager and Willing to Add to Their Knowledge Base and Skills
11. Problem-Solving Skills
12. Energy and Environmentally Conscious
13. Loyal

We are:
1. Fun and inspiring, casual, supportive and friendly
2. A company that provides quality products and service
3. Rapid advancement opportunities
4. High-growth and exciting Industry
5. Energy and Environmentally Conscious
6. Team environment of people with vision, passion, honesty and integrity
7. Great opportunity to learn about Real Estate, Architecture & Development .

Please make sure that you meet our qualifications before you submit your resume. All are welcome to apply. Bilingual a plus. No Real Estate License is required for this position. Send Resume to Hiring Manager Attn: Susan Roche at


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