SustainArch Development, Inc.  is a new Urban Boutique Architecture and Development corporation. We are uniquely focused on collaborative environment, energy and efficiency building technology, doing business in Northern and Southern California. We are currently in the planning stages of building Thirty(30) Condo/Apartment Complexes throughout North America, starting specifically in California. Housing will continue to be an issue as our population increases at an exponential rate. We coordinate our development efforts with construction companies  that have a combined  20.6 million RSF of operating properties, including 1.5 million RSF of development and redevelopment of new Class A properties currently undergoing construction. Additionally, our focused based strategy in North America includes 20.0 million SF of future development projects, including 1.1 million SF of near-term projects undergoing marketing for lease and pre-construction activities and 3.3 million SF of intermediate development projects.


Founded in 2015, We have pioneered this niche of Building Energy efficient Condo/Apartment Building Complexes and plan to established our market presence in key locations, including San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Maryland, New York, Atlanta and Orlando. Our combined experience is longstanding with proven track records of developing New Construction projects with innovation, highly dynamic and collaborative environments that enhance their ability to successfully recruit and retain world-class talent and inspire productivity, efficiency, creativity, and success. We believe these advantages result in Profitable execution of sales, higher occupancy levels, longer lease terms, higher rental income, higher returns, and greater long-term asset value. 

SustainArch Development, Inc. develops residential and commercial properties, while also addressing the needs of affordable housing Especially here in southern California. In terms of investment, we focus on commercial real estate investments in California state which offer a value-added opportunity. Currently, the firm is in the process of funding a diverse portfolio comprised of office, retail, commercial, residential, and other property valued at over $80M.

We are using a proven formula for new construction projects, using modular green building technology. We use rigorous investment criteria to create and identify properties with near-term cash flows and strong potential for long-term capital appreciation.  By acquiring properties or notes at discounted values and applying our regional knowledge and exceptional property management capabilities, we are able to pursue stable investments with healthy returns.  SustainArch Development is currently capitalizing on value investment opportunities in the California real estate market.

Financial institutions and financially distressed property owners are systematically disposing properties with strong future value, but which have been burdened with unsustainable operating or financing costs for overly-leveraged owners.

These acquisition opportunities often arise quickly with little advance notice to the marketplace.  SustainArch Development, Inc. works with qualified and knowledgeable investors willing and able to invest in under-valued properties with near-term cash flow and long-term appreciation potential. Our strategy of acquiring cash-flow assets as we continue to build new construction projects contributes to the stability and longevity of our Corporation

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