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ConstructArch is an innovative school being set-up to combine an online construction training program with a practical onsite application. 

Students will have the benefit of theory and practical application of standard construction practices. The program will take the student through the best trade off between a residential and commercial building experience. Our school has partnered with SustainArch Development Corporation to provide this unique opportunity for students to be involved with a construction project from start to finish.

ConstructArch Academy offers students 21st century trade training,   innovative sustainability practices and rigorous academics. ConstructArch graduates will be equipped   for advance entry into the competitive construction trades and post-secondary education programs, prepared to make assured life choices and become powerful agents of change in the community at large.


ConstructArch Academy is a school within a school that provides educational opportunities for students interested in pursuing a career in the Building Trades and Construction Industry. The Academy has rigorous academic coursework, relevant hands-on training, and career paths that are directly related to the construction trades. Students in our Architectural and Construction Academy are enrolled in a contextualized curriculum that is both rigorous and relevant to the Building Trades and Construction Industry. Academy students are also concurrently enrolled in a curriculum which is related to real world projects in construction.

The Architectural and Construction Academy staff is dedicated to educating and preparing all students . Academy students must have completed  and passed the California High School Exit Exam.

Students pursue one of four career paths: Wood Products and Cabinetry, Mechanical Construction, Construction Technology, and/or Residential and Commercial Construction. Each demanding discipline requires mastery of its own industry specific skill sets.

Finally, the Academy’s Program is designed to function as an online & textbook experience, educating students about the various components of a building by exposing the plumbing, electrical, HVAC systems and featuring the masonry, fire sprinklers, carpentry and green technology applications of construction.

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